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Liability Only insurance plans are also available and suggested to those who drive an older automobile or pick up, and do not want physical damage coverage for their vehicle. The legal philosophy in Mexico is quite unlike the U. S. as it concerns car insurance. You're considered guilty until absolved. You can be detained and your vehicle can be impounded until you pay damages deemed to have been caused by you. Whenever you are in an accident that causes physical damage to your car, the ability for you to pay for damages you cause to others is considered entirely above all else. Linden Gray Director of Mexican Insurance Store is an international insurance veteran with over 32 years of wholesale, retail, and direct insurance experience. Mr. Gray has been featured in numerous offline and online publications including RV Magazine, The Press Enterprise, PE. com, Google News, Yahoo News, Digg and Buzzle.

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An example of bodily injury is where an insured driver causes bodily harm to a third party and the insured driver is deemed responsible for the injuries. However, in some jurisdictions, the third party would first exhaust coverage for accident benefits through their own insurer assuming they have one and/or would have to meet a legal definition of severe impairment to have the right to claim or sue under the insured driver's or first party's policy. If the third party sues the insured driver, liability coverage also covers court costs and damages that the insured driver may be deemed responsible for. Most financial lenders in the United States require the financed vehicle to have collision coverage, and not just liability coverage, in order for the financial institution to cover their losses in case of an accident. Insurance requirements vary between financial institutions and each state. Minimum deductibles and liability limits required by some leasing companies would be outlined in the loan contract. Failure to carry the required coverages may lead to the lienholder purchasing insurance and adding the cost to the monthly payments or repossession of the vehicle. Vehicles purchased with cash or paid off by the owner are generally required to only carry liability. In some cases, vehicles financed through a "buy here pay here" car dealership—in which the consumer generally those with poor credit finances a car and pays the dealer directly without a bank—may require comprehensive and collision depending on the amount owed for the vehicle. In the United States, the definition of an uninsured/underinsured motorist, and corresponding coverages, are set by state laws. In some states it is mandatory.