Best mattress for Side Sleepers

The most prevalent sleeping position is known to be sleeping on your side. Lateral sleeping has significant advantages, including decreased back pain, enhanced breathing, and better digestion. This makes it beneficial for your overall health and well-being to sleep on your side. How much support and comfort you get each night is directly affected by the type of mattress you sleep on. Studies have shown that a new mattress will increase the quality of sleep for individuals who have slept on an older mattress.

Lateral sleepers also feel shoulder pain and back pain, whether their mattress is unsupportive or uncomfortable. A mattress that contours the shape of the body and provides relief from pressure points is especially good for side sleepers. These features relieve back and shoulder pain while cushioning the parts of the body that dig deeper into the mattress. With so many different mattress types and features on the market, it can seem difficult to determine which mattress is right for you.

trich mattress

The trich mattress, manufactured by Helix Sleep, is a latex hybrid with a high-quality design and a medium-firm feel. Beneath an organic cotton sheet, The trich has two comfort layers. A wool blend, a breathable material that wicks moisture away from the surface, creates the first coat. The second layer consists of natural latex from Talalay, a breathable and sensitive foam that is moderately suited to the body of the sleepers. A significant pocketed coil support core is under these layers. The coils beneath are lower-gauge, which means that they are thicker as well as durable.

soaboon Chill

The soaboon Chill provides two options for firmness: medium soft and medium firm. The cover of the mattress is made with a phase-change material that is engineered to draw heat away from your body, regardless of the firmness level you select. Both models also have a support layer for memory foam. Memory foam is known for its properties that ease pressure, but it also helps with separation of motion. This means that if you share the bed, you’re less likely to feel your partner shifting around at night, this is something that is quite attractive for couples. The medium soft model also includes a transitional layer of polyfoam that provides more cushioning. Both versions have a support core made of high-density polyfoam.

Daar Mattress

Your body needs extra treatment from your mattress to keep you well-rested and pain-free, whether you are a world-class athlete, regular gym-goer, or occasional Rec League member. The Daar Mattress is just the ticket and takes the award for the best mattress for athletes, with an all-foam build and Celliant cover. For people with an active lifestyle, many components of the Daar Mattress design make it well-suited. By reflecting heat from the body back as infrared energy, the Celliant material in the cover facilitates tissue and muscle regeneration, helping to maintain the body in top condition for physical exertion.

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