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Owners will also continue to need comprehensive coverage to guard against theft or non collision damage. Future states 3 and 4: For fully autonomous vehicles, vehicle owners whether a private individual or a mobility management provider may need comprehensive coverage, even though technological advancements may significantly decrease loss frequency in this category. For example, self driving cars would be difficult or impossible to steal, and could be programmed to seek shelter in the event of a severe storm or rising floodwaters. OS providers may choose coverage more akin to product liability policies to insure against new sources of risk such as malfunctioning hardware or software, flawed algorithms, or security breaches. Those that self insure may need stop loss or other types of catastrophic coverage. Future state 2: For shared driver driven vehicles, insurers may look to help these customers reduce their costs by offering coverage for subscription or per trip fees that the mobility management company can pass along as an added fee to their passengers. Instead of fixed term blanket coverage, drivers would be covered and pay on a trip by trip basis; companies such as Zipcar currently employ this model, including insurance in the cost of a trip. 9 There is an opportunity for insurers to forge partnerships with mobility management providers, and they might also consider creating new types of policies that cover drivers across shared mobility service companies or provide additional supplemental coverage for the driver and a vehicle shared across multiple drivers. Finally, self insurance may also pose a risk to traditional insurance companies. The largest shared vehicle fleet owners and autonomous vehicle manufacturers may choose to self insure similar to large commercial transportation and logistics companies today. The extent to which this will reduce overall premiums depends on the scale and concentration of the players.

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You need car repair insurance on vehicles that are older and more likely to break down. But these are exactly the cars that demand the highest rates from the insurance companies. If a car is expensive to repair, then it will also require high car repair insurance premiums. Car repair insurance is also known as extended warranty coverage. More people are familiar with this term, and have a better understanding of what this means. Traditional insurance companies are not in the car repair insurance business, and consumers shouldn't think of car repair insurance in the same way that they do liability and collision insurance.

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