How to Replace a Mattress with a New One?

Are you not getting a calm and pleasing good night’s sleep? There can be two reasons for this, you are either sick or need to replace your old mattress. If it is the mattress, then the following are the most obvious signs for it.

  • The mattress is sagging in the middle.
  • You feel like sinking.
  • The mattress is lumpy.
  • It is becoming asymmetrical.

What if you are more towards the purchase of Black Friday memory foam mattress? Here, we will help you in answering some of the most commonly asked questions that relate to the above-mentioned question.

What will happen if you use the same old mattress?

If you do not want to replace your old mattress with a new one and want some assurance, I am sorry.

I cannot assure you of good and healthy sleep if your mattress needs to be replaced. Replacing the mattress is imperative.

Here is what will happen as a result of delaying the replacement.

1.      Increased body pains

Sleeping on a lumpy mattress can cause backaches. You will feel tired even after sleeping for eight or more hours.

2.      No use of good pillows

An old mattress will become asymmetrical, making it impossible for the pillow to stay on point. You will feel restless even after using new soft pillows.

3.      Cracks and noise

While sleeping and turning sides, you will feel a cracking sound. It can be really horrible when it is late at night.

4.      Sleep interruptions

Sleeping on a broken and old mattress is like sleeping on a bed of thrones. You will often wake up throughout the night.

What to do to replace?

Do not panic when it comes to throwing off the old mattress. There are several options to get rid of the old mattress.

ü  Order a new mattress

First thing first, order a new mattress. To buy the best mattress, you need to do a survey. Try reading guide and reviews to find which is best for you?

After the online research, jump on to the retail stores. There the sales manager will help and guide you. Do not buy in a hurry. Visit a few shops before buying.

ü  Asking for exchange

Some companies are generous enough to exchange the old mattress for a new one. This way, you will not have to pay much. For assurance, you should call the customer care service and note all the necessary details.

ü  Re-cycle

Are you an art freak? Or love to do DIY? Try making some stuff for home décor with the old mattress. Recycling may sound a bit difficult, but it will only take a few hours for this. You can even cut up new cushions for your pet or kids.

ü  Do not give it to some needy.

Giving away the old mattress to someone is not a wise thing to do. It is useless, so always give it to someone who can recycle it by making the most out of it.


Replacing your old mattress is a piece of cake when a new mattress is a perfect option. The only thing one must think while replacing is the quality of the new mattress and the method of giving away the old one. In case you want to know more about similar topics, don’t fret.